The Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and The Tree of Life: book and deck of cards. Purchase the set, personalized and signed for $40 plus s/h

Towards Freedom: a feminist haggadah for men and women, signed and personalized, $20 plush s/h.

Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve
: retrieving the healing gift of the Sacred Feminine for the human family through myth and mysticism bridges the worlds of Judaism, feminism and spirituality. The book, signed and personalized is available for $20 plus s/h.

DVD: Soulscape: The Syzygy Oracle Speaks: is an audio-visual presentation about the creation and use of The Syzygy Oracle $15 plus s/h $3.50

DVD: Eve, God and The Quantum Age: stories past, stories present and stories becoming offers a presentation on the book together with imagery from my own artwork. $15 plus s/h.

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Last updated May 2011